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The planning meeting of 2015

Feb. 26, 2015

The planning meeting of 2015


On 26th Feb of 2015, Lihua Group holds a meeting for 2007's working. About 1,300 workers and all the members of Up Front attend the meeting. The vice-chairman and vice-general manger, Lixin Liu presides over the conference. Lixin Liu, who is the vice-chairman and general manager, gives a report for . The Report takes the Deng Xiaoping theory and Three Represents Theory as the instruction,and follow out the meaning of the Fifth Plenary Sessions of 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party. The report, which sums up the year of 2006 systemically and give a general recapitulation about the opportunity and challenge in the world market, while also pointed out the work emphasis of the coming 2007: 1, improving the management level; 2, trying our best to process the planning of the Marketing Center; 3, take care of the challenge and promote the corporation; 4, improving the benefit of the Group by innovation; 5, improving the management on the Finance and the Handling of goods and materials; 6, process the operation of Junda Company; 7, improve the benefit of the workers as well as the Group. After the conference, all department of the Group learn and perform the point as above.

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